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Moving on

I’ve moved on to


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Movies to (re)view

After the Golden Globes, I made a list of movies to catch. Most of the movies nominated in GG for sure will not be shown here in Manila. I made sure to ask some officemates for copies of some movies. Luckily, they got Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Slumdog Millionaire and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I was excited to see all 3 films. Vicky Cristina Barcelona because of Woody Allen and Penelope Cruz. Slumdog Millionaire because it was the first Indian film which won the Globes (if I’m not wrong). And Benjamin Button because, well, of Brad Pitt (need I say more?! 😛 )

Vicky Cristina Barcelona was funny and ironic at the same time. I enjoyed the dialogues; I enjoyed seeing Barcelona on TV. I promised myself that I’ll travel to Europe in my lifetime and Spain is one country I’d really like to visit. Not being colonialistic here, but more because I would like to see the country with its siestas.  I met a real Spaniard last year, during a job interview, well, my job interview to be exact.   He was gorgeous, and spoke so elaborately, so animatedly which convinced me at one point to join their company.   Woody Allen certainly is still talented.

I then watched Slumdog Millionaire, on a Friday afternoon. I was in Mumbai, India last September and I remember the sights and could almost smell Mumbai while I was watching the film. It was true-blue India, too real, too right in front of your face. The movie was wonderfully done, it was more like a documentary actually. I don’t believe I’ve seen anything similar before. There were painful scenes, so if you’re faint hearted, it’s not a movie for you.

Benjamin Button. Brad Pitt.  There  was a huge billboard along the highway when you’re coming to Makati,  which was put up in December. That billboard did its job, I was raring to watch Benjamin Button since then. As the movie wore on, it dawned on me that Cate Blanchett was the star of the movie.   I never really considered her beautiful, but in the movie, she was really beautiful and her acting was just great. Brad Pitt as Benjamin Button is like Brad Pitt as Joe Black (remember that movie?). There was a scene though when Cate said to Brad, “You’re perfect” – and he really truly was. It was an enjoyable movie altogether, really greatly done.

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Holidays end

When December kicked in, there was no end to all the flurry and hurry.  There were Christmas parties to go to, gifts to wrap, shopping, Christmas decorations to put up.  We had family come over as well, so that in itself was enough to almost fill up our calendar with activites.

Then 2 weeks into the month, until the New Year celebrations, my Maid and Yaya went home for a vacation.  It seemed the humane thing to do, give them their rest after a year-long of work.  But 3 days without them, I had a change of heart.  LOL

Good thing the government declared almost 2 weeks of vacation, so the hubs and I took turns looking after the little one.  I had to work over the holidays, specially Dec 30 and 31, which was mainly why we didn’t go home to Cagayan de Oro for the holidays.  I still hate working over the holidays, but what can I do?  It’s my job. 

Two weeks actually allowed us to become closer and the bonding time was just great.  We had time to do a bit of travelling, we went to Baguio for about 4 days.  The trip was great in some parts, we enjoyed it more when we didn’t worry much about missing a site to see.  When we just went with the flow, mostly ignoring bad traffic and managing that we will be eating late and getting bad service.  Baguio was just exhausted from all the tourists, and service was bad in most restaurants.  This was sad, being that it is a tourist destination for most Pinoys.  Though I kinda understand why they were like that – it was the holidays and they were out, not spending time with family. 

Finally the Holidays have ended.  All of the gifts have been sent out, the Christmas decorations have been taken down, there is still a bit of ham in the ref, pockets are empty, accounts have almost dried up.  Back to the real world now.  The Maid and Yaya are back, the little one is back in school too & hubs is back at work.  I am back to commuting almost daily to Makati (horror!).  We are crazily into saving every peso we can, hopefully getting better at financial planning, and that’s another post altogether.

Happy New Year everyone!  The year’s outlook looks grim, if you listen to the news everyday.  So I’ve stopped listening everyday 🙂

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Simple life

“The willingness to be and to have just what God wants us to be and to have, nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else would set our hearts at rest, and we would discover that the simpler the life the greater the peace.”


Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.

Luke 12:15

Wouldn’t it be nice and pleasant to live a simple life?  Where what you need, like and love are all just within reach.  Where it is easy to be together with family and friends.  Where work will not run you down.   Where living beneath your means is as simple as ABCs.  Where catching up with your favorite people happens every time you want it to.  Where there is time to enjoy nice movies, songs and books.


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I left Manila yesterday at around 2pm.  Got to Singapore at around 5pm.  And then finally got to Mumbai at 11:30pm local time.  I think in Manila time that would have been around 1:30am.  That’s a long way to travel.

I’m travelling with office friends so its actually fun.  And we’ve flown Singapore Air which is awesome as always.  I’m just sad that they don’t offer Friends anymore in the in-flight entertainment 😛  We met this lady as well on our way.  We have about 2 hours of lay-over at Singapore, we chatted up the whole time.

India’s Mumbai airport….. is different that’s all I can say.  We’re staying at the Taj President Hotel, which is nice.  I love the huge LCD tv.  But I’m not liking the internet, I can’t login to the office network 😦  The main reason why I woke up at 6am to login to the office network and I can’t 😦  Blogging is the next good thing haha!

I’m missing my boys too much.  The little boy said when they brought me to the airport and he saw the plane “Like to go with Mommy”.  I wish I could bring him.  But this is a week’s trip, and it would be easier to bring him if I’m just going to Singapore or HK.  The hubs is taking care of the house and our rice cooker just conked out on us! hahaha  In Philippines, that’s a disaster 🙂

I’m so hungry already, I just attacked Pringles and an Apple.  Our call time with the rest of the team is still at 9:30…. that’s about 2 hours ahead 😦  I’m need to eat something….maybe the free chocolate?  First meeting of the day is at 11am.  Then at 3pm.  Local time, which is 2.5 hours ahead of Manila. 

See, I’m bored.  Stopped watching the TV. Will try to connect to the office again.  Ciao!

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Pinoy Idol revisited

Had a chance to watch it again this weekend.  I am so glad Ram Chavez made it to the top 3.  Mainly because he really does have talent AND then of course because he is from my hometown, Cagayan de Oro! 😀

Two things I still noticed though which GMA hasn’t improved on.  The production quality was still not good.  The sound and the band didn’t sound well on TV.  I’m pretty sure they sounded good live, but on tv, it was so bland.  It was like watching a fiesta beauty pageant.

Secondly, the judges were still not very good in expressing good feedback.  Saturday night was the contestants’ song choice, they picked the song that fit them.  Like for Gretchen, she was told that the song didn’t fit her.  But I think it did, she just mumbled through the first lines though.  And then when Ram did his song, it was something he choose, as he was familiar with it.  I think he did it well, but then the judges said that it fit him too well.  And they still said the same thing as the other.  They could have given different sets of opinions, so it could be more realistic.

Oh well.  But the contestants were good, that I have to agree.

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Dance like nobody’s watching!

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always loved dancing.  I was always part of the group who volunteer to dance, in school for school programs or at home when cousins scramble to impress the older ones.  I simply love moving to music, it gives me the natural high.


That love affair with dancing when on until high school where I was part of our school’s dance troupe and was a cheerleader from 1st to 3rd year.  Days were always filled with dance practice, rehearsals, fittings, and meetings.  It was just wonderful! 


In college, I wanted to join our University’s dance group.  So I watched them perform one time, well, I didn’t think I’d be able to make auditions.  They were just too good, I swear!  I felt like a country urchin, totally out of my league.  I contented myself watching their performances and going to “discos” as it was called then (haha!).  Now, they call it clubs.  Most of my high school friends also moved here in Manila to attend college, so we’d meet up on weekends and just dance.  I have a very good friend, who was also very generous, he’d always tag me along his disco nights – we’d go to Studu Baker’s (tama ba?), Zu in Makati Shang and one more in Ortigas (the name escapes me now!).  It was simply, simply fun!


When I started working, the “in” thing then are rave parties.  So my officemates and I trooped to ABGs in Pasong Tamo.  Or that the only rave club in Nakpil then, again I forgot the name! Haha  It was super, super, super fun.  A couple of years back, we discovered a nice club at Ortigas again – I think it was Decades.  On some days they have house music, so that’s when my officemates, my cousin, and I would go there.


I’m more of a house music dancer, not into hip hop much but if there’s no choice then, I can dance whatever.  There was one time, I and a couple of officemates were on a business trip in HK and stayed at the Mandarin, we went down to the bar.  A Filipino band was playing and of course, they were great J   They started playing dance songs, we started dancing and were the only ones dancing.  There was this lady who was looking at numbers on binders and binders of paper, she was a red head and was wearing a beautiful snakeskin leather boots.  Anyway….. she asked if she could join us, so we danced with her til the bar closed.  And then we started talking.  She’s the wife of Valentino, the designer, on a business trip.  We ended up talking until early in the morning and we happened to exchange emails afterwards.


I’ve been listening to Madonna’s Hard Candy album.  And my friend was right, it was didn’t fail.  It’s currently my favorite album, so much so that while working, I listen to it, I have it on my Ipod and it’s on my play list at home J That kind of favorite.


Early on, we’ve noticed that the little boy likes dancing.  He stops whatever he is doing when he hears a favorite song.  As of the moment, he likes “low”.  He used to like Umbrella and anything from Soulja Boy.  He’s got that gene from me, I’m happy J

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