I did…

.. have a few thoughts about a post for today. At almost 11pm, tired, frustrated and with the right arm hurting, all thoughts are lost in my head. Perhaps tomorrow, a night’s rest will help me remember the thoughts.

The weekend started very productive btw. I woke up early and had breakfast with the little one. Then I went to the market to do the weekly shopping, and got fresh fish! My sister was awake when I got home, so I dragged her to go walking with me. The weather was just right for walking, the sun was hiding behind clouds and there was soft, cold wind blowing. Walked for about 30 mins, not an easy feat, mind you. I usually give up in 20 mins hehe

My right arm has been hurting since Monday.  It didn’t hurt much early in the week, so I simply ignored it.  However, pain has been more pronounced since Friday morning.  I can’t even lift my wallet without feeling pain, which has always been  heavy, not with money bills but with coins! 😀  So dragged the Hubs to bring me to the clinic after lunch.  That trip to the clinic didn’t amount to much, the rehab doc already left for the day.  The on-duty doc saw me and just gave me referrals to see a rehab doc – next week!

Anyway…. Mama said that marriage is something you work on, hard.  And you just don’t get up, you pray for the marriage to work, pray harder for you to stay in the marriage.  It has been a day of short fuses for both me and the Hubs.  Just little things, that irritate and suck, big time.  Before I end my day, I pray for longer ropes… so short fuses won’t burn the house.  G’night!


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