Movies to (re)view

After the Golden Globes, I made a list of movies to catch. Most of the movies nominated in GG for sure will not be shown here in Manila. I made sure to ask some officemates for copies of some movies. Luckily, they got Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Slumdog Millionaire and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I was excited to see all 3 films. Vicky Cristina Barcelona because of Woody Allen and Penelope Cruz. Slumdog Millionaire because it was the first Indian film which won the Globes (if I’m not wrong). And Benjamin Button because, well, of Brad Pitt (need I say more?! 😛 )

Vicky Cristina Barcelona was funny and ironic at the same time. I enjoyed the dialogues; I enjoyed seeing Barcelona on TV. I promised myself that I’ll travel to Europe in my lifetime and Spain is one country I’d really like to visit. Not being colonialistic here, but more because I would like to see the country with its siestas.  I met a real Spaniard last year, during a job interview, well, my job interview to be exact.   He was gorgeous, and spoke so elaborately, so animatedly which convinced me at one point to join their company.   Woody Allen certainly is still talented.

I then watched Slumdog Millionaire, on a Friday afternoon. I was in Mumbai, India last September and I remember the sights and could almost smell Mumbai while I was watching the film. It was true-blue India, too real, too right in front of your face. The movie was wonderfully done, it was more like a documentary actually. I don’t believe I’ve seen anything similar before. There were painful scenes, so if you’re faint hearted, it’s not a movie for you.

Benjamin Button. Brad Pitt.  There  was a huge billboard along the highway when you’re coming to Makati,  which was put up in December. That billboard did its job, I was raring to watch Benjamin Button since then. As the movie wore on, it dawned on me that Cate Blanchett was the star of the movie.   I never really considered her beautiful, but in the movie, she was really beautiful and her acting was just great. Brad Pitt as Benjamin Button is like Brad Pitt as Joe Black (remember that movie?). There was a scene though when Cate said to Brad, “You’re perfect” – and he really truly was. It was an enjoyable movie altogether, really greatly done.


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