Holidays end

When December kicked in, there was no end to all the flurry and hurry.  There were Christmas parties to go to, gifts to wrap, shopping, Christmas decorations to put up.  We had family come over as well, so that in itself was enough to almost fill up our calendar with activites.

Then 2 weeks into the month, until the New Year celebrations, my Maid and Yaya went home for a vacation.  It seemed the humane thing to do, give them their rest after a year-long of work.  But 3 days without them, I had a change of heart.  LOL

Good thing the government declared almost 2 weeks of vacation, so the hubs and I took turns looking after the little one.  I had to work over the holidays, specially Dec 30 and 31, which was mainly why we didn’t go home to Cagayan de Oro for the holidays.  I still hate working over the holidays, but what can I do?  It’s my job. 

Two weeks actually allowed us to become closer and the bonding time was just great.  We had time to do a bit of travelling, we went to Baguio for about 4 days.  The trip was great in some parts, we enjoyed it more when we didn’t worry much about missing a site to see.  When we just went with the flow, mostly ignoring bad traffic and managing that we will be eating late and getting bad service.  Baguio was just exhausted from all the tourists, and service was bad in most restaurants.  This was sad, being that it is a tourist destination for most Pinoys.  Though I kinda understand why they were like that – it was the holidays and they were out, not spending time with family. 

Finally the Holidays have ended.  All of the gifts have been sent out, the Christmas decorations have been taken down, there is still a bit of ham in the ref, pockets are empty, accounts have almost dried up.  Back to the real world now.  The Maid and Yaya are back, the little one is back in school too & hubs is back at work.  I am back to commuting almost daily to Makati (horror!).  We are crazily into saving every peso we can, hopefully getting better at financial planning, and that’s another post altogether.

Happy New Year everyone!  The year’s outlook looks grim, if you listen to the news everyday.  So I’ve stopped listening everyday 🙂


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