Days like these…

Days like these make we wish that I was a little girl.  Where I can always run to my Mom for anything and everything.  And then she’d pick me up and take care of anything and everything.


Days like these makes me long for slow, uncomplicated days.  Where I can spend the whole afternoon swimming by the beach, making sand castles and simply floating by.


Days like these makes me want to go grab my back pack and travel through the country side.  With just my thoughts, sun glasses and my hair in ponytails.


Days like these have me day dreaming of soft fluffy hotel bath robes, king size bed and cottony soft pillows.  Channel surfing, eating chips and sipping coke light.


Days like these I reminisce days spent with my son.  Tickling, reading, counting and singing songs.  Totally satisfied, fully blessed.


Days like these I remember sipping coffee, looking across the table and seeing my hub’s smiling, relaxed face.  Spending time, making time.  Being one.


Days like these I sometimes forget to breathe, as breathing is an effort.  And I don’t like effort, I just want to be still and for a brief moment, look on while life goes by without me.


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