Weekend Awakening

We had a visitor last week and this the weekend.  My cousin R, on my Dad’s side, who’s leaving for Italy tomorrow to join her husband.  We grew up together, we were a batch of 6 cousins who did everything together when we were little.  But when I went to college in UP, I seldom went home and we just grew apart.  Until last week that is.  We spent the entire Saturday catching up on each other’s life, “tsismising” about other cousins and aunts.


She was able to spend one whole day at home, so she saw how the maid and the yaya were with my son.  And how my son is when they are alone at home.  I have complaints about little things that the Yaya and the maid do, like how I always have to tell them what to do, I keep repeating my instructions.  Or sometimes the maid acts like she’s owns our home, or even scolds my son when he doesn’t listen.  My cousin made me realized that though they’re not perfect, they’re good in some ways and mostly because they adore my son to bits.  For a mother, that’s the most important thing.  My son is safe with them, he won’t be hurt by them.  I have heard horror stories of kids being hurt by the yaya.  One officemate’s yaya pinches her daughter.  What an awful truth.


I’m pretty sure I would still get angry when they won’t follow what my exact instructions are.  I hope though, I would remember to be more tolerant. 

















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