I left Manila yesterday at around 2pm.  Got to Singapore at around 5pm.  And then finally got to Mumbai at 11:30pm local time.  I think in Manila time that would have been around 1:30am.  That’s a long way to travel.

I’m travelling with office friends so its actually fun.  And we’ve flown Singapore Air which is awesome as always.  I’m just sad that they don’t offer Friends anymore in the in-flight entertainment 😛  We met this lady as well on our way.  We have about 2 hours of lay-over at Singapore, we chatted up the whole time.

India’s Mumbai airport….. is different that’s all I can say.  We’re staying at the Taj President Hotel, which is nice.  I love the huge LCD tv.  But I’m not liking the internet, I can’t login to the office network 😦  The main reason why I woke up at 6am to login to the office network and I can’t 😦  Blogging is the next good thing haha!

I’m missing my boys too much.  The little boy said when they brought me to the airport and he saw the plane “Like to go with Mommy”.  I wish I could bring him.  But this is a week’s trip, and it would be easier to bring him if I’m just going to Singapore or HK.  The hubs is taking care of the house and our rice cooker just conked out on us! hahaha  In Philippines, that’s a disaster 🙂

I’m so hungry already, I just attacked Pringles and an Apple.  Our call time with the rest of the team is still at 9:30…. that’s about 2 hours ahead 😦  I’m need to eat something….maybe the free chocolate?  First meeting of the day is at 11am.  Then at 3pm.  Local time, which is 2.5 hours ahead of Manila. 

See, I’m bored.  Stopped watching the TV. Will try to connect to the office again.  Ciao!


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