Being sisters

I’ve been an only child for 11 years.  I was used to having my way all the time at home, getting 100% of my parents’ attention.  Then she came.  It wasn’t unexpected as my parents were really planning to conceive for so long and finally my Mom was pregnant.  I was in 5th grade when she finally came home.  A cute little one, very pretty, so little and so dependent on us.  I wasn’t jealous of her, never was.  She’s my little sister, the whole family has been waiting for her arrival.  She’s the favorite of all my cousins, coz she looked like a cute little doll who so closely resembled our Mom.


When she was growing up, I looked after her, gave her a bath, cut her hair, played with her.  I also taught her how to fight her battles when she came home crying after playing outside our house.  She’s sweet and is always child-like, even now that she’s 20.  When I started working, I showered her with gifts, she asked for something and I’d give it.  We never had much of sisterly bonding moments, like talking into the wee hours or even shopping together because I guess the age gap was too wide.


Now that she’s staying with us and going to college, we hardly have bonding moments.  The only times we hang out are when we go pick up our parents at the airport when they come to visit or on lazy weekend afternoons when she’d hang out at our room. 

However, lately I just scold her.  I feel bad though when I do this.  She’s my sister and she has no other family here in Laguna and all I do is scold her.  She’s a kind soul, for sure.  She’s just child-like, in fact she’s TOO child-like.  She likes  watching tv all the time.  She likes to linger using the internet: chatting, checking out Friendster profiles, changing her Multiply site or MySpace and Facebook.  She likes listening to LOUD music.  She likes junk food and hates vegetables.


She needs to be disciplined that’s for sure.  Am I supposed to do that since my parents are not here?  Sometimes I feel I’m too hard on her, and the maids just blow it all up.  I generally feel awful when I say bad things to her.  And I hate it when we quarrel.  She’s my sister and I love her to bits, I wonder why I forget that at times?


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    kaith said,

    sometimes, i think (this is just me ha), as older sisters, we also have the responsibility to guide the younger ones because we are more mature than them. especially in your case that your parents are not with you. syempre, we don’t want to be disciplinarians but somebody has to do the job. if ayaw mo msyadong pagalitan, daanin mo sa libreng kain slash counselling session. hehehe.

    car, i tagged you pala. mwhehehe.

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