Of this….. and that too

So it’s been a wonderful long weekend.  We divided our chores to last us the 3 days.  On Monday, we decided to go to our club house and swim.  We almost didn’t go, something very petty almost ruined it for me.  I simply wanted to have chicken adobo, while the rest of the household didn’t agree with me.  I still went though, I didn’t want to be the party pooper.  And found myself relaxing while swimming with my boy – he does have that magical effect on his Mommy.

Then last night, I was a brat again.  Hate it when I loose control.  Now the hubs is talking to me, only not so nicely.  I guess I deserve it. 

Could it be time of the month again?  Probably.  Sorry again Dad.  I’m such a lousy angry brat sometimes.  My bad. 


Coming from a long weekend, I took a few things with me into the new work week.  I still have long lists of to do’s.  Dwindling at some point, but new things go into it as the day progresses.  And then I sat down, sole purpose is to put a check mark beside tasks.  When I look up, it’s already 12noon and need to move on to get on a conference call. 

That has been my day for the past weeks.  I turned down a higher paying job offer.  I didn’t know really why but mainly because I waited for this post to open up so I could move into it.  I find myself enjoying what I’ve been doing, happy, fulfilled, and yes, stressed J  I’ve always believed that a career should be something you’d like to do, otherwise there’s no sense doing it.  That’s why I stayed.  And staying for a few more years.  20 years or so haha!


Was able to catch the early news morning yesterday.  Congress and LTO are again doing ping-pong regarding plate number “8”.  To be honest, I don’t see a point in giving special plates to our congressmen, senators or what-have-yous.  If they have to come to an 8am meeting, they should wake up at 6, just like any normal person would.  Its not like they can do more when they have special plates, or have police escorts with wang-wangs.  I just hate it when they close a lane in SLEX because someone “high” with police escorts is passing by.  By choice, I don’t let them pass.  I only let Ambulances pass me by, not politicians who use the public’s money to hire police escorts.  Sometimes I get scared when I don’t let them pass, I might be gunned down but it’s a principle I stand for.


Ram Chaves didn’t win Pinoy Idol.  Too bad.  I did think he did well.  Oh well.  Maybe next time someone from Cagayan de Oro will finally make it on Pinoy Idol or PDA.  Who knows in the cabinet?  As my mother would say J





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