Pinoy Idol revisited

Had a chance to watch it again this weekend.  I am so glad Ram Chavez made it to the top 3.  Mainly because he really does have talent AND then of course because he is from my hometown, Cagayan de Oro! 😀

Two things I still noticed though which GMA hasn’t improved on.  The production quality was still not good.  The sound and the band didn’t sound well on TV.  I’m pretty sure they sounded good live, but on tv, it was so bland.  It was like watching a fiesta beauty pageant.

Secondly, the judges were still not very good in expressing good feedback.  Saturday night was the contestants’ song choice, they picked the song that fit them.  Like for Gretchen, she was told that the song didn’t fit her.  But I think it did, she just mumbled through the first lines though.  And then when Ram did his song, it was something he choose, as he was familiar with it.  I think he did it well, but then the judges said that it fit him too well.  And they still said the same thing as the other.  They could have given different sets of opinions, so it could be more realistic.

Oh well.  But the contestants were good, that I have to agree.


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