I’d like to learn how to cook…

….I really do!  I never had the chance to do so when I was younger.  Cooking was something my Mama did, or the maid.  But it was never me.  All throughout UP and early career, I just bought food, seldom cooked.  When I did, I did as pancit canton or fry stuff.

Now, married and settled, I’d really like to learn to cook.  But how to start?  I did try for a few times, but all came out blah.  The thing is, my hubs is a good cook.  And a better critic.  That’s leaves me scared shit-less to even try.

I’ve been quite successful with my spaghetti.  About twice already.  The little boy loved it and it passed my hubs scrutiny.  Oh and I can cook good sinigang.  But the hubs is not a fan of it, so in our home, it’s not a favorite.

Other than that. nada. I need a really good teacher and a strong armor of determination.  Help please?


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  1. 1

    Alveel Kaith said,

    ay me too. i want to learn more new dishes but laziness always kicks in. haha.

    how about assigning saturday or sunday as your “cooking day” and you have to make sure that you do one new dish every weekend? bahala ng palpak, u can always do it again, bakit ba. hahaha.

  2. 2

    girlashness said,

    Ay pwede! I could do weekend cooking days 🙂 Actually, if the dish is palpak, they just keep quiet now…. hehe

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