While watching P.S. I love you on DVD yesterday afternoon, my sister said “You don’t have guy friends, Te no?”.  Oh she doesn’t know me much.  I do have guy friends, and I really treasure them, as I do my girl friends. 


T, is my first guy friend.  We met in high school, he was one of those irritating teenage boys who endlessly did tricks.  He would pull at our bra straps, would use the water gun on us and would follow us around.  Around 2nd year, we became friends coz I found him utterly funny and he never tired of making gestures of friendship.  If you want to be a friend, you just make me laugh and I’m hooked.  We had this running joke between the two of us, whenever he called me at night, at home, I would always have to cut our conversation short.  I needed to go to the toilet, simply.  Since we were bisaya, when I start saying “Ok, sige bye, kalibangon nako” J  At first he really thought that I was avoiding him, and I was hesitant to tell him the truth.  During college, we’d always go out and binge.  After graduation, we worked together.  I think that was a difficult period for him, he became restless and so wanted to move out of the country.  And he did, about 9 years ago.  He’s still out of the country, in New York specifically.  I miss him, specially when I’m my silly self L


My other guy friend I met in UP, that’s B.  He’s not the typical UP student, but more like a coño boy out of an exclusive boys’ school.  And he did come from an exclusive boy’s school, however he’s not the typical coño though, but more the witty and kulet college kid.  He was my girl friend’s crush since first day and she was just ecstatic that we ended up being groupmates for practicum in 3rd year.  Being groupmates meant being with each other for 4 straight weeks in one province.  In terms of grades, that summer was the worst I’ve had.  I would have graduated with honors if not for that.  But it was a great summer in terms of hanging out with friends.  B took care of us, was the bartender while we were doing laundry, was our guard at night, was our main source of yosi and alcohol 😛 We hardly get in touch these days, but once we do, we always have a grand time ribbing each other of our practicum days.


And then my two closest guys friends I met at work.  There’s J and J J  The first J, let’s call him the NGO guy.  He’s intellectual and honestly, sometimes, I’m the only one who understands his jokes.  He’s sensitive and smart, and he’s been in love too many times 😛  He’s actually like a girl friend, only with rough hands J Luv u J! 😛


The other J is my super silly friend.  We’d had too many alcohol between us and we’ve shared too many jokes which should last us a lifetime.  We were young and didn’t have any care in the world, we’d go out every night.  We were neighbors for a time, so he’d always bring me home first.  Sometimes, he won’t reach home as he’d be too wasted.  But he’s responsible now, a married Dad.  I’m mighty proud of what he’s become.  He’s a ninong to my little boy and I’m a ninang to his little girl, we’re now bonded that way.


It is possible to have guy friends, I do know so.  They have a special purpose, and they occupy a special place.  They’re not as sweet as girl friends, but they are sweet too, in their own special guy way.


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