Banking woes

BPI is our bank – not by choice but by circumstance.  My hubs and my payroll are both handled by BPI.  My parents’ bank of choice is also BPI.  One good thing about BPI is that it has mushroomed all over the place, much like Starbucks and 7-11.  It is very convenient to go to home to Cagayan de Oro and they have a few branches there. Even in the small cities, BPI is present. 

However, I have experienced bad service a few times already.  I like the convenience of not carrying cash when I go grocery shopping – it lets you pay the exact amount.  A couple of times I used EPS (Express Payment System) and I’ve been debitted twice!  I asked the cashier to double check first before reprocessing, and its not yet credited.  The next day I checked my account, it actually has been debited. 

A few times also, I was trying to withdraw, no money came out of the ATM machine but my account was debitted.  It didn’t just happen in one machine, it happened in different locations.  Sometimes the machine just hangs, then after a few minutes it comes up. 

What I hate though, is it takes them at least 3 working days to process the credit back to your account.  So like I tried to withdraw 6k on a Friday, I was only able to get back my 6k the following Wednesday.  What if that’s the only money I had in my account?  Then I won’t be able to pay my bills?  What would I feed my family? Hay, it’s all so frustrating re-thinking about it. 

I certainly am not one to take these things sitting down.  So I called their customer service hotline, which takes eons for them to answer.  You can even go and get your nails done before they pick the phone up… Heniway, when I spoke to them, the lines were all so generic AND what irked me more is that I didn’t hear any single apology.  Not even the super used line of “I’m sorry for any inconvience this has caused”.  NADA.  Nothing.  Is that Customer Service?! 

One time, (I was probably PMSing), my account was debitted again, I called their 89-100 and ranted but the line was cut.  I had a very bad suspicion that the agent intentionally cut the line, and so I called again.  And then the line was cut again.  I then went to a branch, which was a pretty small one and ranted again.  Just so I can get it out of my system, sometimes you have to let steam out or you’ll go crazy.  And still, the 2 persons in that branch, didn’t apologize.  I was fuming mad!  I told the manager that it wasn’t the kind of service I have expected for a big bank like them.  From the goverment of course, but not from BPI.

Which brings me to my next encounter with BPI.  My Dad’s account is also with BPI, and my Mom needs the Statement of Account of my Dad’s.  Being that I’m the eldest which also makes me my parents’ secretary :P, I was asked by Mama to get a copy of Papa’s Statement of Account which she hasn’t been receiving since January this year.  So I called 89-100 again, after listening to instrumentals for close to 30 minutes, I was able to speak to an agent.  She told me I could get hold of the statement of account but I would need a letter of authorization from Papa.  Eh, hello, Papa is in Russia, so that letter is a no-go.  She then told me that I could try enrolling the account in and download the statement of account there.  That part was a bit promising.  So I did the whole enrolling thing, at the end of the enrollment, a pop-up of a confirmation letter came.  The letter should be signed by the account holder and sent back to BPI to complete the enrollment.  WHAT?!?! 

That’s it.  Welcome to Philippine banking made easy.  OR NOT 😛


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    kaith said,

    hay, nakakairita nga ang ganyan! sometimes the convenience gets overshadowed by bad customer service. so far, i am contented with unionbank. bdo is okay too, i heard. they are open on weekends.

  2. 2

    girlashness said,

    BDO is ok actually, and very convenient since they are open on weekends….we do keep accounts there as well.

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