A long list ended very well

Saturday was long day of errands.  Palengke.  Bring the little boy to the pedia.  Grocery.  Get the card.  Do the budget.  Pay the yaya and the maid.  All the while keeping watch on the little boy who was nursing slight fever the whole day.  By 6pm, I was ready to retire. 

Then the hubs suggested a massage.  Good thing our favorite masahistas were available by 9pm.  We hauled ourselves to our suki spa and spent an hour getting really good massage.  Life can be good indeed.

The little boy is feeling better, thank God. But his appetite hasn’t come back.  I’m just glad to see him feeling better.  We should avoid the outdoors for now and the mall.  He needs rest to fully recover from a viral flu.  At least, the flu vaccine worked I think, I didn’t develop a nasty flu, like I always do when June comes to town.


I can hardly believe that a whole 6 months had passed in 2008.  Tomorrow is the end of the month, another End of Quarter at the office.  One more day of craziness.  I’m moving to another post soon in July, so this is technically my last End of Quarter.  I’m not sure what to feel.  Relieved for one.  For over 9 years, I always had crazy End of Quarter, more so on Year-ends.  Which meant, I either took the week before Christmas off or the week after New Year’s.  Never the week between Christmas and New Year’s – when most of the Holiday-crazy Philippines goes on holiday.  I might finally have a normal Christmas and New Year’s.  We’ll see 🙂


The little boy’s vocabulary is expanding exponentially.  He’s learning new words every minute and his mind is absorbing so many things, much like a sponge.  It’s amazing how his little mind is learning.  And I do see a sense of humor.  He laughs at things he thinks are funny, he laughs when we tease him and sometimes he teases us.  One time, we were asking him to recognize numbers and he was able to recognize all the numbers.  We kept telling him “Very good!”.  So he said “Burger! Burger! Burger!” 😀  you know that McDonald’s commercial? 🙂  So funny.  I simply I adore him. 


We’re waiting for the PacquiaoDiaz fight to come on GMA.  Along our street, all the cars are parked in their driveways….I could just guess what my neighbors are doing.



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