Singing and the rain

It’s been raining since yesterday.  I have always loved rain, it provides us that simple cleaning up that needs to be done to mother earth, and also provides us when a colder weather.  This rain though comes with wind, as it is a typhoon – typhoon Frank to be exact.  I couldn’t sleep a single wink last night, the wind was just gushing, with no plans of resting, even for tiny minute.  There are a few trees in front of our house, and our car was parked in between two of them.  So I kept worrying that something might happen to the car, I kept standing up and peaking out the window.  I was also worried about the glass windows.  I wanted to close all the windows in our room but there was a brownout. 


I woke up the hubs about 3 times, much to his irritation, to tell him to move the car.  He doesn’t like waking up at night and gets very cross when I do that 😛  Finally he woke up at 4am and moved the car, away from the trees, one of which was already bent over.  Thankfully, nothing bad happened, the car was safe.  I tried moving our new Labrador puppy, Coco, to somewhere dry.  But she barked at me like I was trying to kill her.  So just let her be.  In the morning, she was shaking from cold!  Poor Coco.


The rain has slowed our day down, gave us more time to be with each other.  Hubs had a thing last night, but since it was raining, they didn’t push through.  I also was supposed to watch a basketball game today in Makati, but the game was postponed because of the typhoon.  So we got stuck at home, had more time with the little boy.  We also were able to watch a couple of movies that we’ve had for a while but just didn’t have time to watch.  I mended some of hubs’ socks and some shirts, and got commended for the sewing skills J  I do love to sew, one talent I got from both my grandmothers.  So it’s all good then, I am writing a post while my little boy and the hubs are in a tight embrace, napping.


So, we were stuck at home, right?  We had time to watch Pinoy Idol on GMA and then Pinoy Dream Academy on ABSCBN last night.  I’ve always loved singing contests, I’m a frustrated singer, you see.  I grew up watching Ang Bagong Kampeon, Name That Tune.  There is this new show, the Singing Bee on ABS CBN.  I really enjoy it and if I had just have the guts to join, I think I would win hehehe  (that what I though too when I wanted to join Game K N B? – that’s another post altogether).  But Singing Bee just have one flaw, and that is the last stage of the game, it is such a let down to the whole show.  The point I guess is that at the end of a show, the defending champion and the contender, should be able to battle it out and show their talents.  Think of any of Pacman’s boxing games.  It should truly be a battle, both contestants slugging it out truthfully.  But in the Singing Bee, it shows how some contestants lack the talent. 


Now moving on Pinoy Idol.  The Pinoy Idol didn’t do justice to the AI franchise.  It lacked the musical quality, when the contestants where doing their thing, I couldn’t tell the difference between a good piece or a bad one.  There is very poor sound quality, of the both in instruments and the singer.  I would have expected that GMA would be able to give a better production than ABC 5.  I’ve watched SOP for years already and they have really good musical quality and production.  But sadly, that’s not the case for Pinoy Idol.  GMA should improve on that, otherwise, viewers will end up being sorry for watching Pinoy Idol.  Secondly, the judges, Wyngard, Ogie and Jolina are all trying to be Simon.  Which they simply are not.  You know the word “gatong”?  It’s like they’re all trying to add insults upon the insults – not at all constructive.  It was all so irritating to hear.


On PDA, though musical quality was really great, as with any ABS CBN show, the quality of the contestants aren’t as good.  Sayang, it could have been better, you know?  But let’s see.


So where does that leave the Pinoy people?  Perhaps if we just give signing a rest, the rain can will stop too J  Enjoy the rest of the weekend all!



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  1. 1

    Pinoy Idol's no#1 fan said,

    your wrong, pinoy idol did give enough justice to the idol franchise and will bring more justice in the following weeks. Pinoy Idol is much much better than philippine idol.

  2. 2

    girlashness said,

    To be honest, I hope to be proven wrong. We pinoys have so much talent in singing. One thing’s for sure though, GMA’s production need improvement.

  3. 3

    wuhtevah said,

    girl, you might want to add a chatbox in your blog so people could post shout msgs in it. just a suggestion though. my blog has one 😉 , cbox

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