Dance like nobody’s watching!

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always loved dancing.  I was always part of the group who volunteer to dance, in school for school programs or at home when cousins scramble to impress the older ones.  I simply love moving to music, it gives me the natural high.


That love affair with dancing when on until high school where I was part of our school’s dance troupe and was a cheerleader from 1st to 3rd year.  Days were always filled with dance practice, rehearsals, fittings, and meetings.  It was just wonderful! 


In college, I wanted to join our University’s dance group.  So I watched them perform one time, well, I didn’t think I’d be able to make auditions.  They were just too good, I swear!  I felt like a country urchin, totally out of my league.  I contented myself watching their performances and going to “discos” as it was called then (haha!).  Now, they call it clubs.  Most of my high school friends also moved here in Manila to attend college, so we’d meet up on weekends and just dance.  I have a very good friend, who was also very generous, he’d always tag me along his disco nights – we’d go to Studu Baker’s (tama ba?), Zu in Makati Shang and one more in Ortigas (the name escapes me now!).  It was simply, simply fun!


When I started working, the “in” thing then are rave parties.  So my officemates and I trooped to ABGs in Pasong Tamo.  Or that the only rave club in Nakpil then, again I forgot the name! Haha  It was super, super, super fun.  A couple of years back, we discovered a nice club at Ortigas again – I think it was Decades.  On some days they have house music, so that’s when my officemates, my cousin, and I would go there.


I’m more of a house music dancer, not into hip hop much but if there’s no choice then, I can dance whatever.  There was one time, I and a couple of officemates were on a business trip in HK and stayed at the Mandarin, we went down to the bar.  A Filipino band was playing and of course, they were great J   They started playing dance songs, we started dancing and were the only ones dancing.  There was this lady who was looking at numbers on binders and binders of paper, she was a red head and was wearing a beautiful snakeskin leather boots.  Anyway….. she asked if she could join us, so we danced with her til the bar closed.  And then we started talking.  She’s the wife of Valentino, the designer, on a business trip.  We ended up talking until early in the morning and we happened to exchange emails afterwards.


I’ve been listening to Madonna’s Hard Candy album.  And my friend was right, it was didn’t fail.  It’s currently my favorite album, so much so that while working, I listen to it, I have it on my Ipod and it’s on my play list at home J That kind of favorite.


Early on, we’ve noticed that the little boy likes dancing.  He stops whatever he is doing when he hears a favorite song.  As of the moment, he likes “low”.  He used to like Umbrella and anything from Soulja Boy.  He’s got that gene from me, I’m happy J


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  1. 1

    chitgoks said,

    mommy girlie! linked ya 😉

  2. 2

    isza said,

    i remember dancing to impress my lolo. i danced to the tune of the eye of the tiger. when i was a little girl i wanted to join the dance club because they wore really pretty grass skirts.

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