Longing for stress-free days

I think I have been working for way too long.  Going on my 10th year.  Now, that’s really not so bad.  But going on my 10th year with the same company, in the same team…. That’s another story.


I believe I’ve been successful so far, seeing that I’ve been promoted a few times already. As Spiderman says, with great power comes great responsibility.  So the plot thickens and my to-do list becomes endless.


I’ve been assigned to work on a high-profile project beginning of last year. Thinking that it would be interesting to start a new team and it would be good as I would be exposed to more technical people and will be managing across teams, I took it on.  Today, a year and a half later, I probably have bitten more than I could chew.  Plus the fact that I’m reporting to 2 managers who know nothing of the project and the data behind it, and are shoving down my throat additional tasks that weren’t part of the project in the first place.


I’m sick and tired of their constant push.  Boss A is a little careful with his words, but he’s in my face all the time, everyday.  Boss S is never easy with words, I got an earful last week in front of my fellow managers, in a conference call.  He likes putting people down that way. 


I’m this close to quitting last Tuesday.  But I have bills to pay.  Demmit.  Good thing I had 3 days of vacation, so I was able to relax a bit.


It’s another week, unfortunately with the same bosses.  I’m still super tempted to quit.  I might just.  Who knows?  However, I cannot just quit without finding another job first or I might just apply for another position that’s opened up.  Or we just might start a business of our own.  Or I could just wish both of them disappear.  As if that will happen, they suck like ultra-hungry leeches.


I hate being like this, thinking ugly things, hating the work that I have to do.  But shit happens.  And it is happening.


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