Heart breaking

I fancy myself to be an environmentalist.  I hate it when people just throw trash anywhere, I hate it that stores or restaurants use the sando plastic bags.  When the eco-bags arrived, I was instantly taken.  Mainly because I’m such a bag-crazy girl, but also because it helps the environment 🙂

Anyway, last Thursday, we drove to Nasugbu, Batangas to spend some time at the beach since it was Hub’s birthday.  It was a leisurely drive, the little boy was admiring the view while looking at animals and trees and buses, cars, bikes.  We passed by a sugarcane mill.  And there were two huge towers, blowing out great black smoke into the air!  In broad daylight too! It was crazy.  I wonder where the DENR where.  It really broke my heart.  I simply couldn’t imagine something like that is still happening when all around the world, we’ve been talking about global warming.  I was literaly too shocked to even take a picture, by the time I remembered, we were way past the mill.

Another thing that broke my heart on that trip was seeing huge, old trees cut down into huge, beautiful logs.  The last time I checked, the Philippines was on a total log ban.  And that log ban includes every type of tree.  We saw about 5 16-wheeler trucks full of huge logs.  It was so heart wrenching. 

Where the hell are the DENR people in Batangas?  Those two offenses were both done in broad daylight.  What happened there?  I know that there are so many anomalies happening, but for it to happen while the world is wide awake is something else.  I have more reason to detest the government for taking a huge chunk of my earnings since they really are not doing anything.

Then today, as it was palengke day, I went to the nearest wet market and saw something that just made me so mad!  It was either sting ray or manta ray, I couldn’t tell which, were being sold there.  Just right beside the fishes, the squids and the shrimps.  I know for sure though that the sting ray and the manta ray are endangered.  And someone was actually going to buy them, I just couldn’t believe it.  When she was asking for the price, which was I think PhP150 per kilo, I just couldn’t believe what I heard.

These things just break my heart.  I don’t know who to contact or what to do or say even.  Is it enough to give the lady dagger looks?  If looks could kill really, she would’ve already dropped dead.  Is it enough to pray about it?  Is it enough to write about it?  I certainly am not sure here.  I’m totally at a lost.

 I’ll surf the net and see what little I can do.  Maybe somewhere out there, there are organizations who care.  Maybe somewhere out there, someone can do something.  For now, all I can do is to tell the world that we do need to do our share in helping Mother Earth by being responsible.  Throw your trash properly.  Don’t waste what nature has so lovingly provided us.  Be on the look-out for those who do don’t their share and if you can, tell them to change.  If you’re a parent, teach your child proper ways to keep the environment clean.  I’ve taken it a step at a time, first taught my parents, then my sisters, my husband and now my son, to be kinder to nature.  I’ve trained our househelp as well, how to take out trash properly, recycle and use only organic materials.  I know others can do it too, if we just all give our little share it’ll amount to more.


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