Demit!  I changed back to my original facial wash for a week already and then I had major zit break out 😦 I’ve never had this kind of breakout ever, even when I was a teenager.  I’m already 30 for crying out loud and I get a break out??!!  Stressing me like crazy.  Pimples were never a part of my adolescence; I was more of the freckly kid, never the pimply kid.

Until today.  It soooo irritates me 😦  Hubs says it’ll go away.  And I pray soon!  We met up my closest cousin and her family for lunch today.  And she noticed, said that it was very unusual for me to have pimples.  We were room mates back when I was in HS, so she knew every detail of my face.  I’ve been very religious in cleaning my face, switched back to the previous facial wash already and putting on that pimple-away cream.  Hopefully it works.  I don’t see any new once coming out, so that’s a good sign.  I super hope!

Anyhoo…. recently, my Mom’s sisters and my cousins have been exchanging emails on American Idol.  It’s a split between David A and C – to think my Mom’s sisters are all past 50!  American Idol has indeed crossed all geographical and age boundaries.

Watched a couple of good films this week.  I never thought I was a period-movie lover until lately.  Grabbed a copy of the Other Boleyn Girl and then borrowed Memoirs of a Geisha.  I know, I know, both are like “yesterday” movies, but I’m a working Mom hence was not able to catch them in theaters.  I’ve read Memoirs like a millions times already, my paperback copy has seen better days 😛  The movie was not as truthful to the book, but it was a comparable adaptation.  The Other Boleyn Girl was very interesting, in costume design and characters.  Natalie Portman is a fierce actress, I could never have imagined her being so calculating.  I’m so looking forward to Indiana Jones, my childhood is not complete with that.  Indie has come back! 😀  This one though, I promise not to miss watching from the movie house.  Of course, Sex and the City is another must see.  Oh, I’m a Sharonian, must watch Caregiver as well.  Can’t, can’t wait!

An interesting week indeed, and even interesting way to react to it.  Have a good Saturday everyone.  Ciao!



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  1. 1

    kaith said,

    oh, im a sharonian too but i doubt if i can watch caregiver on its first week. i am crossing my fingers we can view it before i go to the hospital on thursday. hehehe.

    glad to know the move went well. baka the pimples were caused by the stress and pressure of the move.

  2. 2

    girlashness said,

    Ay yeah, you’re almost due. Good luck Kaith, wishing you have a good delivery.

  3. 3

    isza said,

    i have a dermatologist that i go to when i have pimples.. she injects medicines into those annoying pimples. sleep it the morning, it’s goodbye zits.

  4. 4

    girlashness said,

    Ay! My friend also has derma like that. For now, I don’t need it. Am back to my freckly self 😛

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