Busy as a bee

Finally moved on!


The busy month of May, I call it.  We finally found a house to rent, at a subdivision we like.  I didn’t know moving can be so tiring.  When I was single – from student to working girl – I’ve had at least 6 moves, all in the span of 12 years.  It was so easy to move then, the biggest appliance I owned was my tv.  Everything else were packed in a suitcase or two.  Plus boxes for my shoes and bags.


But single, I no longer am.  So we had to hire movers, and even had to fill up our car with other sensitive stuff – PC, DVD, important documents, precious albums and small knick knacks.  We’ve been lucky so far coz my maids are organized, marking boxes.  And we started packing 3 weeks before the actual move.  It was relatively painless, however any move is still difficult, so we are still sorting out a lot of our stuff.


Plus since our cable operator don’t service our current area, so had to cut that one off and apply for another cable service.  We had to scour and ask friends where we can find a good cable service.  Good thing is they were able to install the cable within the day we applied for it, so the maids are kept sane with their telenobela J


And we had to move our internet subscription too.  Smartbro is quick, thank God.  In our new place, there is PLDT.  So am thinking of switching, but we have 12- month lock in period with SmartBro.  Maybe when that’s up, I’ll switch to PLDT DSL as most of our neighbors say it is better than SmartBro.  We’ll see.


New, nicer cah!


In the new place, they require for the OR/CR of the car.  Our last car, we couldn’t change the Certificate of Registration to our name as the car had a different engine number.  I don’t totally understand the issue, but something about the engine number in the car not matching what was in the Certificate of Registration.  We need to bring it to Honda so they can confirm the change of engine.  Being that Honda Pasig is a million miles away, we couldn’t find time to go there.


With that, we just decided to change cars.  The dealer of the old car agreed to buy it back from us, which that was all arranged in 3 days.  I was the one who brought the car to the dealer, and I left, I somehow felt a little pang of sadness.  It was the first family car, it was the car which first brought my son home from the hospital.  We had special memories with the old car. 


It was time to replace it though, so we did.  We now own an automatic, which is soooo easy to drive.  I first brought it to work yesterday, and driving it through the South Luzon traffic was so….not stressful! J  I’m one happy driver J


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