In between

Though it is busy at work, I still found time to look at other opportunities….meaning, I applied for a job and had an interview last Tuesday.  I think I’m really at the point where I’m 80% decided to change jobs.  It’s been 9 years with this company, a whole lot of memories have been made.  This has been my life, I created this team, made all the decisions about the workflows, how to re-organize it.  Before my son came, the team is my baby.

But I feel like it’s really time to move on.  Time to finally let go.  Time to finally see that there are other opportunities outside.  And I know that I am ready to do so, mainly because I feel good about my application.  Around 2006, I was offered a very high paying job at this highly stressful company.  It had a very prestigious name and I already had some friends there.  Going through the motions of the application, interviews and walk through, it didn’t feel right to me.  Something was definitely amiss.  So when the offer came, which as hard to say no to, I just didn’t accept it. 

However, in this new company I’m applying at, I feel good.  Firstly it’s so near my house!  More so when we move.  I can finally afford to wake up at least 30 minutes before I have to report for work.  Compare that to the 3 hours that I have to allot for shower, meal and travel that takes up 2 hours nowadays.  And then it’s a good company.  It’s not as big as my current company, but I like their product.   And then the shift is 4pm to 12am, which is absolutely my favorite shift.  You got the whole day to do errands or when my son goes to school, I can bring him to school and pick him up.  It’s very convenient.  I keep praying that this is the one.  I hope it is the one.

I’m in a crossroads.  I’ve always spent time with my work colleagues, getting to know them.  When there are visitors, I never hesitate to show them around town.  Take them out to the shopping areas, dinners, lunches, cocktails, after office entertainment.  Those are my forte.  But now, I suddenly find myself holding back.  Just this week, I turned down 2 invites to cocktails.  It’s hard to leave a company when you have too many friends, you know? 

I just pray that when the time comes that I’d go, I will be strong about leaving my team.  I will not buckle down to separation anxiety.  I won’t miss my friends at work too much.

Oh, TGIF indeed.  Ciao!



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