A semi-charmed Thursday

Last Thursday was a quick respite from busy work.  I had the chance to slow down a bit, after running  errands, checking off to-do lists, following up on projects, finishing off actions plans and waiting for sweldo hehe!  It was an easy breezy day at the office, I actually had time to drink coffee slowly, savoring the smell, tasting the sweetness of mocha, especially enjoying it because it was free.  Good great coffee for free, how can you top that?

I had time to watch a bit of noon time tv too, using my wonderful phone! haha  Its a find hubs smiles about.  I absolutely love every piece of it.  We initially decided to share it, but so far, its with me all days last week 🙂  I love that he loves me that way, letting me keep things my way.

For the first time in months too, I actually called it a day before sun down.  Since 2008 started, its been crazy at the office.  So that Thursday, I packed my things, went down the elevator and walked along Ayala Ave with the sun still high up in the sky.  It wasn’t like 4pm, it was around 5:30, but still that was really early for me.  I walked towards our terminal, passed by Jollibee to get sundae, and continued on, while finishing my sundae. 

Hay.  It was relaxing Thursday.  I wish all work days are like that.  Who wouldn’t, right? 

Friday was another story.  But I’d like to go over Thursday again.  Ciao!


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