A long and winding day

…looks like a song in the Karaoke repertoire huh? 😀

It has indeed been a long day.  I’ve had 4 deadlines today, one on top of the other, crossing the other’s time line.  I’ve proven again that I’m a master of multi-tasking.  It’s a skill honed in the almost-10 years I’ve been working with this company.  I had to learn multi-tasking coz that’s the only way we do our jobs.  You have to be good with data, with the technical side of it but also be able to handle queries from clients directly.  One cannot be done without the other.

And we have a new boss who’s great with operations – the data side of it but absolutely hates the client facing side of it.  So where do we position ourselves?  When it comes to prioritizing, he calls the shots and most often than not, operations takes top priority.  Clients can wait… that’s his working philosophy.  I’ve told him about a couple of times “I’m gonna do this because you said so but I don’t agree”.  And we left it at that.  Does that work?  I don’t know.

The thing with having a new boss, like I do, is that you had to re-prove yourself.  It’s like retuning an old transistor radio, if any of you remember.  If you’re the kind of person so never takes things for granted or never lets deadlines slip, then it can get a tiny bit frustrating.  But I’m holding my breath, giving him time to adjust.  It takes a certain length of familiarity to be able to know how to manage your direct reports as well as your boss.

It’s been a hot day, and the forecast is its going get hotter (wink wink! :).  Thank God for USB-plugged mini electric fans! hahaha It’s a rare find by one of my officemates and I’ve been putting it to good use.

Anyhow…. happy mid-week everyone.  Ciao!



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