Real estate woes

Hubby and I just received our bonuses last month.  A whole year worth of bonuses, fruits of our blood and sweat.  Its crazy though coz about 35% went to taxes!  It super irked me to think that that would just go to graft and corruption.  Here we are simple working class citizens, working our ass off and then the government bites a big chunk of our bonuses and they have nothing to show for it!  Case in point, a strip of road we’ve been travelling on to and fro work has never been improved for the past 3 years.  It is heaven for off-roaders!  Plus the SLEX is an off-roaders wet dream.  And get this, when a road is done, they will place a huge banner/poster saying “project of Gov./Cong./Pres”.  As if it came from their pockets!  That came FROM THE PEOPLE, it is just right to give it back FOR THE PEOPLE?  I digress, but I wouldn’t mind paying taxes if the government has something to show for it.

Nyway.  So we used our bonuses to pay for real estate taxes and the transfer of the land title.  We are finally lot owners of prime residential lot.  And our bonuses just went.  Signed one cheque and it was all gone.  JUST LIKE THAT.  Wow.  So that’s how it feels like to own real estate.

Now, we are still renting coz we’d like to contruct our own house, manage and finance its construction.  We’ve decided to move closer to the subdivision where our lot is.  Its where we mostly do our shopping, including palengke and we go the church near there, have our suki spa there as well.  So it just makes sencs to move, right?  We initially started to find a house there last year, but the real estate brokers are harsh! hahaha

A couple of things to look out for when you’re trying to find a house to rent in the south of makati:

1.  Brokers

2.  Brokers

3.  Brokers

I tell you, they rule the south of makati.  So we were looking for a decent house, it doesn’t have to be big, just 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom.  If it has a garage, that’s a plus.  We contacted an agent who was referred by my hub’s officemate.  We had a looksee at this house, nothing grand but it did have potential.  So we went in, it was initially given to us at 6k.  When we gave a bit of interest, it becamse 7k.  When we went out of the house, it was by then, at 8k.  What do you say to that?  We backed out.  We just lost interest.  It got more and more frustrating, so we just decided to stay in our current place.

This time around, we’re taking it easy.  We have a budget to stick to, and we’ve started looking a good 2 months before we really have to go.  It will give us more time to look and hopefully more oppurtunities.  I just hope these brokers would have changed a bit, a little less of the biting.  We’ve had an initial look this morning, sadly, they are still as fierce as before.  But we are standing our ground… and praying for the right house all the while.  How difficult can it be? 😛


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