Random ramblings

As I was going home last night, I again saw my “dream” car.  Fate is teasing me a lot these days – I always seem to see a red Jimny, either at the parking lot of the grocery, along Ayala or even at our shuttle’s terminal (like last night).  God is that a sign?  That I’ll get my bday gift this early? hehe!


Summer is indeed really here.  Humid anytime of the day, even in my cube.  I asked our Manong Janitor to bring me an electric fan, but we only have those industrial sized ones.  Far too noisy in my corner.  And then one of my team managers, showed me this mini electric fan.  Its so gorgeous, you just plug in it the USB and voila!  Mini air.  And just for a measly PhP100! hahaha

My boss came around my desk this morning and he saw it.  He left laughing about it.  Weirdo kasi yun eh… 😛


Hubs and I made an agreement that whoever says its too hot and turns on the aircon will pay for that night… so far, 1 for me and 3 from him.  My trick?  I linger inside the bathroom so when I go to the room, he’s already turned on the aircon!  Smart, eh?


The little boy has started to learn new words, yesterday alone:

  1. Dog
  2. Yes – “eeeessss” to him
  3. Oval – “ovol” to him
  4. Heart – “art” to him

He’s growing up!

Planning to enroll him in summer swimming lessons.  Bert Lozada is said to be giving lessons near our future home.  Feedback is, though not so sure about accuracy, he throws the kids into the pool.  Hubs is not happy about that.  But I’m crossing my fingers.  I think the little boy would benefit from the lessons, takeaways not only learning how to swim but also learning how to socialize with kids his age.  He has no playmates in our current place and we don’t have relatives here, so he doesn’t get to interact with kids much.  Last Sunday, at church, he fell in line with other kids to bless their Lola.  Gave us all a good laugh 🙂  He is cute and sweet like that 🙂


Can’t believe it Friday tomorrow.  Not that I’m complaining.  ‘Cept that its been a long busy week, yet again.

I got a call this morning for a job interview.  I’m pretty excited and confident about it.  And it so much nearer our current place and would be much nearer to our future home.  I was telling hubs that maybe this is the job that I’ve been praying for.  God has finally answered my prayers… and most importantly my whinings! hehe  Crossing my fingers again and praying more.


Wishing everyone a good, not so humid “sweldo” Friday. 



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