Slumbook! =D


color:  used to be green, but now I’ve started to like blue
flower:  yellow tulips
city:  and country – SINGAPORE FOREVAH!

meal: Definitely Japanese, then Italian.  But home cooked meals by the hubs are always welcome

dessert:  this mango pudding in HK, simply simply the best

book: anything by John Grisham (esp the earlier ones), Paulo Coelho, Hundred Years of Solitude, any asian author, including filipana authors

music:  acid jazz, alternative
singer:  Sting and then Dave Matthews

film:  romance, adventure, sci-fi, a bit of action… basically everything EXCEPT horror
tv show: Sitcoms – Friends, Seinfeld, 3rd rock from the sun, that 70’s show; Series – Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes, Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives
time of day:  on week days around 5pm coz I’d be heading home in an hour; weekends, around 8am coz that’s the time I give Kyan a bath

place at home:  Sala – where we all usually converge
motto:  “dance like nobody’s watching, sing like no one’s listening, love like you won’t get hurt and live like its heaven on earth”
watch:  I love collecting watches and alternately change them, but my most favorite is the Seiko Kenetic my Dad gave me for college grad, which unfortunately needs to be fixed


people should not marry before this age:  I think its not the age but the maturity level of a person
people should not have children before this age:  20 probly

appropriate age for having sex:  when you’re ready to face the music… =P

your most recent lie:  “my cell was left upstairs”

a lie you tell yourself:  I’m losing weight! hahaha
a person you have killed in your thoughts:  that bad driver along Don Bosco in Pasong Tamo… kainez.


a friend you have known the longest amount of time:  Adonis Abi-abi who was one of the victims of the Superferry accident.  God bless his soul.

a friend you miss the most:  Joyce and Judisan
a friend who makes you laugh often:  Ruth, James, Ay, Judisan 

a friend to whom you can tell anything:  Ruth
a friend to whom you can go for advise:  Depends on what kind of advise I need, I have friends for different specialties hehe

a friend you can have adventures with:  Lahat =) 
a friend you can flirt with:  hahahaha No comment.
a friend you would like to kiss:  again: ahahahaha 
a friend to whom you have something important to say, but not yet had the courage:  I am usually open to friends and say what’s on my mind
what is that you want to say:  NA
a friend you will see in hell: My friends are all nice, like me =)
a friend you will see in heaven:  everyone!


if you didn’t have commitment to others, you would:  move to Singapore and start a new life there
the number of drinks that constitutes your limit:  the most I had was 20 tequila shots and I blacked-out, waking up the next day in between my roommates with my other friend at our feet…. and trying hard to forget what I did before I blacked out =P
at your best, you are most like this famous person: Leah Salonga! hahaha

at your worst, you are most like this famous person:  Let’s see…. Paris Hilton 😛


1. God

2. my husband (top 11 sa board exams! =D)

3. Bill Gates

inventions you consider ingenious:
1. human body – from conception to expiration hehe

2. computers and computer servers

3.  Internet

childhood toys:I had a very nice bike which my Lolo assembled, lots of bags and toy paper money, barbie, sets of kitchen utensils.  but my fave was the bike =)

things you would never do: kill someone.  and not fight for my family.

things you would not allow your children to do:
1. be judgemental of others
2. lie

3. be mediocre in acads, sports or living life

things you are thankful for:
1. my hubs and son
2. parents, sisters, friends
3. feeling loved


dream:  ultimate dream?  to win the lottery, not work a 9-6 job, have a house here in Laguna, in Cagayan and in Camiguin.  Live a leisurely life with hubs and little bugoy

hope:  Hope that the world will be a better place for the little bugoy when he grows up – politics means real service, no corruption, mother earth is reborn, no crime (pwede less crime)
if you had the talent of the opportunity, you would:  oh, gosh.  be an international theather actress/singer like Leah Salonga.  Seriously. hehe
something you wish you could change about your life: be better in handling money matters – meaning learn how to really stick to the budget

something you wish you could change about yourself:  I wish that I could seriously learn how to budget.  As in.

three qualities your ideal man should have:  intelligence, sense of humor, sensitivity
three qualities your ideal relationship should have:  love above all, trust, laughter!


the emotion you tend to hide the most:  I’m not really sure…. I can’t think of any.
the emotion you seem to experience the most:  frustration
the predominant emotion you have experienced lately:  loving!
a moment you experienced absolute happiness:  the first time I saw my little boy

you have a great amount of guilt regarding:  spending money on jewelry =P
when you are happy, you need:  laugh! and talk
when you are sad, you need to:  write and eat pizza hehe
when you are sentimental, you need to:  cry.  or have coffee and talk with hubs or friends

when you are angry, you need to:  rant! and my mouth can get me into more trouble 
when you are in love, you need to:  make love (not war!) hehehe

you would jump up and down and shout with joy right now if someone told you:  we have the funds to start our house construction! and I can FINALLY get that LV neverfull  
someone who genuinely makes you happy:  hubs and little bugoy


when you were a child, you believed:  that Santa really finds me wherever I spend my christmas – either in my Lola’s house, our house or my Aunt’s house =) 
do you still believe this:  Nah.  But would like to keep the tradition for the little bugoy
first kiss:  with my first bf J

first time you fell in love:  hmmm…. lemme see…. around 18 siguro with my first bf
the last time you fell in love:  am still in love and loving it every second =)
the memories that still make you laugh:  lots!  childhood memories with my cousins, high school with friends
a person that made you miserable for a long time: my Uncle.  I lived with them when I was in highschool.  Nothing pleased him, I always felt like a nobody in his eyes. He’s a sad person who never had a Mummy, that’s what my Mama said.  He said I can never make it in UP, I would end up married very early like my Mom.  So I proved him wrong, in all accounts 😛 I would still never expose my child to him.  I just feel sad for my Aunt coz she’s very cool.

your best birthday:  I think when I was 16, it was the first bday when my Mama just gave me money so I can treat my barkada to pizza.  It was a sweet taste of independence
the worst birthday:  on my 18th bday.  my bday is on september and it always rains on that day, plus in college it was always exam week.  I was supposed to have a Mc Donald’s Under the sea party but it has been raining the whole day, and most of my friends where in front of the French Embassy rallying because of the French Nuke test.  Guests came in very late… and most of my HS friends weren’t there


disease you fear:  HIV or Aids

your greatest fear about aging:  penniless
a country you fear exploring:  it’s a love hate relationship, I think: India.  I would like to experience the culture and see the sites but then I hear stories of not so nice things.
greatest fear about marriage:  falling out of love
greatest fear about having children:  I really wanted to study at Ateneo for college by my parents couldn’t afford it… so I felt really bad at some point but then accepted it.  One fear is to not be able to provide for all the needs of my son, when he wants to go to this really good school but we can’t afford it
something on your mind you are afraid to share:  marital problems.  I would have thought that I can easily share our spats with my friend/s but I couldn’t.  Its too private to share.


period of time in your life you felt protected:  when a stalker was calling me ALL the time.  The hubs took care of it and the stalker never called back, ever.

period of time in your life you felt overprotected:  My mom was pretty lenient with us… only when my Papa is home that rules get implemented 
the first time you discovered power:  when I was in grade school and became the class president
book that affected you most:  The alchemist, and Little Prince

author that has affected you the most:  Paulo Coelho
music that has affected you the most:  Through the Fire
movie that has affected you the most:  Sweet Home Alabama… coz I’m a provinsiana by heart

three people that has affected you the most: Hubs, Kyan and my Papa


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