By hook….

I’m sure, by now, most of the Netizens of Philippines or wherever have read or heard of the GG from BG’s blog.   I’ve been hooked to that site myself for days now, I’ve only heard of it from another blog which I frequent.  It is quite interesting to say the least, the comments section has taken the whole thing into another level.  I do hope BG will get something out of it, if not the whole 70k, at least something.  Consuelo na lang siguro for all the pain he’s been through.

 I’ve never met any one of the so-called “GG”, so I can’t make my conclusions.  But I’ve read their articles in the STAR, online at least.  We don’t really buy the broadsheets these days, only read through their website.  Most of them write well, coherent in fact.  If the things they are said to be doing are indeed true, then we can never really judge a person’s morality based on what they say or write.

 I’m somehow exposed to journalists, both in my personal and professional life.  I’ve had a roommate back when I was single who wrote for a major daily.  She had journalist friends who became from friends too, one was even a block mate in my freshman year at UP.  We hung out a lot, and talks always included work.  It is a fact that some of the companies they write about give them gifts, holiday trips even.  One Christmas time, my roommate came home with so many gifts, including a DVD player from one of the companies she writes about.  In their firm, they are allowed to recieve gifts.  Nothing wrong with receiving gifts as long as it is freely given, right?

One local business daily however, do not allow their journalists to receive gifts.  At that time, at least.  I’m not sure now as I’ve lost touch with them.

In my line of work, I get a chance to work with international journalists.  They get to be invited to lunch-outs, dinners or coffee with the firms they write about.  But it is always at the professional level, nothing out of the ordinary.  I was invited to tag along a few times when I went to our HK office.

Bringing it back to the issue at hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if people will take advantage of their role as “journalists”.  Getting free hotel stays, free sampling of product/s, etc.  “Power corrupts.  And power corrupts absolutely”.  Indeed.  Sadly.

I just hope when it my son’s time to join the real “working world”, these things will be erradicated.  I strongly pray that it will be a better world for him… at the time being, I still hooked to that blog and its revelations =P



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