Self-declared 3-day weekend

It has been a wonderful weekend spent with the hubs and the little one.  And I also had free time to do one of my favorite things – shopping!  Or shopping for great big discounts to be exact 🙂

 Thrusday night, the hubs had a Dart tourney thingie to attend to.  I also had late night meetings so I just met up with him at the Dart place.  Got there around 11sh, with the tourney still not done.  As I was so dizzy from lack of sleep, I stayed in the car and napped….and waited… and got hungry! =P  There was a 24-hr Jollibee beside the dart place, so I hauled my pretty sleepy self there and got a Sundae =P  When I went back to the Dart place, they were still playing and hubs said he will be playing for singles match, and it was already past 1am.  Supportive wifey that I am, I let him be since he ordered Sisig for me hehe

 He didn’t win though…. but he did enjoy it.  And I loved the Sisig!  We got home around 3sh.  Watched a bit of tv and finally decided to go to sleep at around 4.   By that time, we already agreed that Friday is our self-declared holiday hehe

 We slept in, the little boy woke up between us at around 7sh, which is the usual time he wakes up.  Dad picked him up and brought him downstairs to watch Dora and Thomas & Friends while Mom slept in =)  Dad came back up when the boy was enjoying his Dora.

 So it was a leisurely Friday, I offered to call in for an 11am scheduled meeting but the new boss was kind enough to let me off and just catch-up the following week.  As if I would have the attention span then! haha

 We did some needed errands for the car in the late afternoon.  Then grocery shopping after, and to get some things for the beach trip on the Holy Week.  I had some extra GCs from SM so I used those to buy some grocery.  The cashier counted all my GCs to be worth 500 totalling PhP4,500, when it was really just 6pcs of 500s and 3 pcs of 200s which only amounted to PhP3,600.  I was distracted coz the little one was getting cranky and didn’t notice her punching it in as 4.5k, it was only when she asked me to pay for the extra in cash that I noticed.  So I told her to re-count my GCs as I was pretty sure it was only 3.6k.  She did and it really was just 3.6k.  Poor girl!  If I didn’t check, the extra 900 would have been deducted from her minimum-wage salary.

To be honest, for a second, I was tempted to just ignore her mistake…. I mean, com’on, I could buy another pair of shoes (at the recently discovered discount place!) with the 900.  But it just isn’t RIGHT, you know?

Saturday morning I spent shopping.  Alone.  Which to me is the best way to do shopping.  Not that I would have minded the company.  But it was MEtime.  Dad and the little boy spent it playing at home.  That night, Dad went to another Dart tourney somewhere in Las Piñas.  So I stayed home with the little one, playing his favorite game – mainly dancing and collapsing on the bed.  Pretty tiring but it sure was great to watch him laughing so heartily =D

Sunday was PACMAN day.  To say that my hubs is boxing fanatic is an understatement.  He is crazy with boxing.  And darts.  It has rubbed off on me a bit…. but I only watch if we win hehe  Whenever there’s a good fight, we prepare snacks and reserved that day for boxing. 

Hubs wasn’t very impressed with the fight yesterday though.  I couldn’t look for the half the time coz Pacman was hurting.  So I just surfed the net and glanced at the TV when they get excited.  Thank God Pacman won.  It was difficult fight for him, I think, Marquez was a very technically skilled fighter, from what I saw.

Anyhoo, we heard mass in the afternoon, it was Palm sunday so we bought palms outside the church.  The little boy had fun waving it hehe  And had dinner at this sizzling place which we love.  The little bugoy was getting to be a handful and my patience was running thin… so we hurried and called it a night. 

A well spent 3-day weekend.  Much needed and much enjoyed.

Here’s wishing everyone a meaningful Holy week.  Ciao!


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