Weekday Dates

Hubby just came home after 3 months of being assigned in India.  It was a miserable 3 months, its the first time since we got married that we were separated from each other.  I had no one to talk with, quarrel with, do stuff with.  It was most specially hard being a single parent – and he was away when the little boy was first admitted to the hospital!  What a nightmare.  The little boy and his Dad have this very good bond, they’re always able to have fun together… they always horse around.  Mommy is busy with disciplining and setting boundaries =P  So it was very difficult when Dad was away when the boy was admitted in the hospital.  But he’s ok now and we survived the ordeal, thank God!

A couple of weeks after the hospital stay, we went to Singapore, that’s me, my Mom and the little boy.  A couple of days after we arrived in Singapore, hubby followed.  It was a good trip.   A little expensive though, but surely worth it.  We were pure tourists and we took public transportation which we hardly did here in Manila.  We had fun bonding with each other, with no Yaya and maids.  The little boy loved the MRT!  He called it “choo-choo”.  He never saw the MRT here in Manila, so that was a first. 

I’ve been mulling about the idea of moving to Singapore… and slowly trying to convince Hubby into it.  But he really loves Manila and our life here, with Yayas and maids and family.  So it’ll remain a dream, but we can always take vacations there, right?

And now we are back to our normal lives.  I and hubby are back at work full blast.  I have been an absentee manager for practically the whole month of October, thank God I have very good, understanding and more importantly single team members =)  Coming back to work is never easy after a vacation, more so when it was a great vacation.  Its a crawl.

One thing that the 3 months of separation brought us is the appreciation of the time we spend with each other.  Before, weekdays are allotted for work only.  Weekends are the only times we can bond together.  Now, we schedule dates during the week.  Like Wednesdays are dates with our little boy.  And Thursdays are dates with just me and hubby.  Fridays we can go out with our friends separately. 

I love our dates!  When I wake up on Wednesdays & Thursdays, I look forward to spending after work with just us.  Whereas before, when I wake during the week, I just pray for weekend to come.  You should all try it sometimes.  Its a good way to reconnect as a family and as a couple.


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