30 things to do when I turn 30

I’ve always imagined I’d be turning 30 when I was younger.  I thought I’d be super sophisticated by then, mature – no more bad hair days, driving my own car or have a driver, about to get married, slim and trim, still working but already planning to retire/resign as my business is going well. Now I’ll be 30 in 5 days.  And I am so far from my imagination.  I still have bad hair days; I guess I’m one of those people who really can do much about my hair.  I only comb/brush it twice a day if I don’t feel lazy.  Mostly just once, after I take a bath.  I do drive now, but I’m sharing a car with my husband.  I am already married, with a beautiful, happy little kid.  I’m not slim, yet.  Still working, but no business yet. Despite the setbacks, I feel far more blessed! I have a loving home, a great marriage, daily discoveries of how wonderful it is to be a mom.  I have great, fun friends, my parents are still together, and my sisters are well.  There will always be problems, I am sure of that.  But God is always there, I am surer of that. So now, that I’m turning 30, I wanted to start doing things I’ve always planned to do but just never got around to do it: 

  1. Be a better Christian.  By praying more: the rosary, thanksgiving prayer, hear mass, complete Novenas – the works.  I’ve been a Christian all my life, unfortunately, I’m one of those Christians who only go to the Lord when I am happy or sad.  But when things get better, I just go about my way again and forget my responsibilities.  My husband was the same when we meet, I’d had to drag him to hear mass on Sundays.  We’ve had several turning points, but that was it until this one big problem came to face us very recently.  That was such a complete turn-around for us.  Now we pray together daily.  The hubby will be away again for the rest of the month, but we promised to complete our Novena and pray daily.
  2. Read the Bible cover to cover.  I’m a voracious reader, I’d read everything but sadly, I haven’t had the chance to read the Bible.  So I’m giving myself 6 months to finish reading it, cover to cover.  I’d just started to and it’s a wonderful book!
  3. Take care of my health, and my family’s better.  I will spend some time doing daily exercises and keep a balanced diet.  My son’s a better eater than me, he loves vegetables and doesn’t like meat!  I’ll have to plan our meals at home better.
  4. Spend more time with my little boy.  Teach my son more songs to sing, more dances to dance to, swim with him, read to him, watch his favorite videos with him, bring him to the little gym, take naps with him more.  It’s really true that kids just grow up so fast, I want to savor every moment with him.  Since I’m working, I can’t always be with him, but the times I am with him, I want them to be truly memorable.
  5. Have dates with the hubby.  We still have dates, for sure.  We still go out just the two of us – get a massage, have dinner, have coffee, watch a movie.  This is just a resolution that however busy life can be with all our responsibilities, I will always find time to have a date with my hubby.
  6. Be a more caring, thoughtful friend.  My friends are great, I haven’t been spending time with them lately, but I will do things to be in touch with them.
  7. Be more conscious of time.
  8. Appreciate my parents, including my mother in law more.
  9. Be a better citizen.  Pick-up my own trash.  Plant trees.  Plant flowers.  Take less plastic.  Recycle. 
  10. Do major spring-cleaning of my closet.  Stuff I’ve haven’t used, will be given to charity.
  11. Donate to charity – especially those who help the kids.
  12. Be more kind to the house helps.  More understanding.  My husband has taught me that if you give them understanding and kindness, they will give it back to you a hundred folds.
  13. Listen to my sisters more.  And not just scold them all the time! Hehehe
  14. Write more.  I found out that its good therapy.  No one’s probably reading this, but someday, someone will.
  15. Listen more and talk less.  I love talking and it always gets ahead of me.  I tend to talk more than I have to.  I found out that if you stop talking long enough to listen, you’ll learn more.
  16. Be debt free by December!  3 more months for that loan to be repaid and one more month for my jewelry to be paid!  Yahoo!
  17. Start Xmas shopping early.
  18. Keep my desk organized.
  19. Be less judgmental of others.
  20.   Be more open-minded.
  21.   Be more helpful – people who are lost, people who carry too much baggage, people who need help, prayers or laughter
  22.   Laugh often.
  23.   Always drive safely and carefully.  Never drink and drive.
  24.   Spend less money on jewelry.  Instead save more.
  25.   Spend less money on food, instead cook more.
  26.   Spend less money on bags, instead buy a good durable bag that will last a year or so.
  27.   Spend less time on tsismis, instead spend more time laughing about the things.
  28.   Spend less time at the mall, instead spend more quality time with family.
  29.   Travel more.  Take family vacations more.
  30.   Show how much I love God.  Show how much I love my family.  Show how I treasure my work.  Show I how much I love my friends.

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