Modern day heroes

I decided to come to work yesterday even if it was a holiday….. the perils of being a working girl.  Was rushing to do my tasks so I could get home at 4 and spend some quality time with the terrible-two bugoy, plus had to go pick up my sister at Greenbelt on the way home.  When I got out of the building, this tambay pointed at my car…. I was more afraid than concerned with what he did, as the Valero side of Makati was deserted.  So I didn’t stop and continued on.  A few meters after, I noticed that my car was lowered on the right side, so I finally decided to park and inspect.  Lo and behold!  I do have a flat tire!   

Sad but I am super clueless about changing a flat tire, I do know however that my husband equipped the car with a jack and a spare tire.  Called the office, as some of my team are working as well, and asked for help.  There were 3 guys at the office and said they’ll go right away.  While waiting for my officemates, a couple of men approached me and asked if I needed help.  Calling me “ma’am”.  I got a bit apprehensive, after all the bad news I’ve seen and heard on TV.   But they were all very courteous and pleasant, so I did say I needed help and they immediately started work.  They changed my tires so quickly, when my officemates finally arrived, it was all done.  I offered “pang-merienda” money, but they absolutely refused it and where on their way.   

It was such an eye opener to me that there really are still good guys out there.  Those guys didn’t know me.  I wasn’t wearing skimpy clothes for them to take interest.  They were not after my money.  They were just there to help.  ON THEIR HOLIDAY.  Ninoy Aquino would have been so proud =)    


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