Raised by an OFW parent

I haven’t been aware of any Malu Fernandez until today.  Read through an entry from one of my favorite blogs which was then linked to several blogs about her and her “article” – which I had read through unfortunately.  I have to say that she doesn’t do a very good “educated” Filipina woman.  To think that she’s traveled and all… or so she claims.  Her words are definitely disturbing, to say the least.  And I join in the call for Manila Standard and People Asia to stop publishing such biased articles.

I do admire and absolutely enjoy writers who are diva and are totally witty.  But Malu Fernandez is no diva, and she’s not witty AT ALL.  When I read her article, it somehow reminded of Celine Lopez’s of the Philippine Star, though Celine’s are done with such humility and humbleness, much too far from what Malu sounded.  It was just downright appalling.

I’d had experiences being in a plane with OFWs and they’re a bunch of hyperactive souls – who wouldn’t be if they are going home to their families, after so many months of missing them?  You’d feel their excitement, specially when they applaud once the plane has touched down on Philippine soil. 

I’ve been raised by an OFW parent, Papa had to do what he had to do so as to give us, his family, a better future than he had.  I appreciate all the things Papa sacrificed even when I was a kid.  But more so now that I am a mother and I know how heart wrenching it is to be separated from your child. 

So I take personal pain when people discriminate against OFWs, they go through such pain, they don’t deserve more pain from their own people.  I do hope though that the likes Malu Fernandez will not be given more chances taking stabs belittling other people, OFW or not.  She certainly has no right to do so.  Let’s do our share and make this little world of ours a little less painful than it already is.


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