EGAY na naman?!

Today’s lovely reminder: when all else gets tough, it’s imperative to find something to laugh about.  Your problems will not go away, but it helps you forget for a minute.  So when you get back to business, the load is suddenly less heavy.

 The week’s winding down – despite several bumps and cuts along the way.  I’ve definitely seen the strength of the people around me this week,  humanity is by nature good.  The situations that we get in to just makes its difficult to stay good…

Anyhoo….. I myself am feeling down today.  The weather and hence the resulting horrendous traffic are not helping but despite that,  luckily I’ve completed all the things that I needed to do, including coming to work hehe  My wonder little boy has the colds and has been fussy all night last night….!  That’s how he is usually when he has the colds, I missed the hubby more than usual.  When lil boy isn’t feeling well, the hubby has more patience in picking him up and carrying him.  I only take over the reigns when hubby gets cranky on the nth time =P

Good thing Monday’s a holiday.  MUCH NEEDED BREAK.  This new structure thing and all the org changes at work is hell – seriously.  I feel like an EA for a team of 25!  The boss in command did give that feedback to the CM but don’t think this is gonna change.  In the next few months at least.  I grumble and all, but I still end up delivering what’s needed.  What can I do?  If not, no bonus or increase next year reflected on my paycheck.

Heniway highway.  Work sucks.  Life is hanging on a balance.  All disappears when I wake up in the morning and lil boy smiles up to me =)  GORGEOUS.  God is good again.

 Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.  It’ll be rainy in Manila, the better to stay in and snuggle-snuggle.  Hmmm.  What a plan!  Ciao!


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